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Hi, I'm Joy Soleil.

Soleil Venture programs are designed to remove emotional blocks and limitings beliefs that are preventing an authentic life, offer practical systems to uncover self-worth and worthiness, turn fear into empowerment, and unlock the ease of getting what is desired within a lifestyle of peace. It's all about leaving behind the rat race and all previous expectations of how success is supposed to appear, and meeting Success with Serenity by embracing the nature of the true self.

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About Joy

Joy Soleil with Soleil Venture is a Mindset Coach & Energy Healer who is ready to help you remove trapped emotions that are blocking you from your best in any area of life—emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, financial, business/career, and/or relationships. This, combined with conscious coaching can help get you to your breakthrough faster than you would on your own, or with isolated coaching or traditional therapies. Get clear on your purpose, next steps, and goals, or support your business and team with this practical healing and breakthrough method!

Joy has a background in psychology with a concentration in trauma and addictions. Since 2008, she has worked with over a thousand individuals in personal and business development, specializing in working with entrepreneurs and leaders to expand their reach by delving deeper into clearing their personal blocks.

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Client Testimonials

Joy is amazing at what she does! After several successful sessions, I was able to get rid of my entire heart wall and truly start my journey towards healing. I also didn’t know at the time that the work I did with Joy, would prepare me for life challenges that was yet to come. It prepared me and gave me confidence and strength to make it through. She’s definitely someone I would recommend. Truly amazing all around.

Adria W., Evolving Lives, LLC

I wasn't sure what my results would be with Joy. I am familiar with energy frequency science because of the nature of my work and business, and I was curious if I could benefit from it. I have to say, just 3 days into my first week with Joy, I was faced with some recurring stress and I was shocked at my ability to handle it in a different and much healthier way. I have experienced a lightness and a sense of well being. I really liked that Joy prayed over me before she started and asked God to be present and guide the session. I'm very pleased with the positive results.

Lee A., Business Owner

I have had sessions with Joy and I have felt some amazing things in my mind, body, and spirit. I am seeing the way I react to stressful situations improve as well as relationships. I recommend her to my clients and friends very often.

Lisa P., Hands of Healing 

Joy has been a complete game changer for me. I have been working with her for several months now. Since clearing my heart wall and diving into other areas, I feel lighter, have clearer thoughts, am more decisive and feel truly "unblocked"-- and these side effects of lightness and clarity continue on day after day. As a wife, mom and business owner, it is such a blessing to feel more calm and more at peace with myself and others.

Allison Millet, Bowling Green Backyard Bootcamp

Joy is a great practitioner of energy healing and makes the experience both spiritually and emotionally rewarding. I have benefited greatly in just a handful of sessions with Joy and would highly recommend this to anyone in search of emotional wellbeing.

Matt D., Corporate Management

I don’t even know where to begin with how I feel about Joy. She has taken every one of my challenges and guided me through it. Her energy sessions are absolutely mind blowing and every time I do them I feel a literal shift in my mindset and overall well-being. Thank you to Joy a thousand times over for allowing the universe to bring her into my life and to continue to help me as I learn to overcome and grow. If you’re looking for your break through, this is your sign, because she will change your life just how she has changed mine!

Sofia W., Social Media & Branding Expert

Joy has such a gift with people. I have taken several sessions with her now. She makes you feel so calm and relaxed while releasing negativity that may consume you. Energy healing is an amazing healing tool!! I highly recommend allowing yourself to give this a try! I give her 5 stars for sure!

J.C. W., Realtor

After talking to Joy I found that she too was a devoted Christian. All the work that she does comes from the leading of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. If she had used any other source, there was no way I would have done the program. Honestly, I felt better immediately within my first week. I also bought the program for my daughter. I can honestly say that my daughter’s anxiety level has gone down dramatically, and her whole demeanor in general has changed in response to this work. I believe Joy and this work was sent to us by God.

Christy B., Physical Trainer